Krishnan is delighted to welcome you to the website; Krishnan is happy and competent in providing advice and service to the patients with the following conditions. He came up with this idea of providing a comprehensive general urology service, based on his observations in the Nottinghamshire County. He practices in key locations of the Nottinghamshire such as the BMI Park, Woodthorpe, and the Circle [QMC campus].

Our practice is started with the sole aim of producing an excellent professional service. We want people to remember us, for the sharp professional service we offer. Hiccups do happen, but we always reflect and endeavour to correct the matter.

We offer private consultancy, self-pay patients are welcome (Tariff available on request), insurance patients (Krishnan is registered with most of the companies currently on the platform) and those who would like to pay on a financial scheme (as of now, not available as yet); the self-pay patients would receive a fixed package deals.

My team consists of my secretary Helen and other members of the staff from various hospitals. We came up with this idea of the comprehensive general urology service, based on my personal experience, of where exactly should I seek help for my particular condition. I thought If I could provide that initial consultation, and then using my vast array of contacts I could help direct the patient to the right person, then I consider I have done my job correctly.

We are different, in that we offer personalised service and tailor our service to your needs. you have contact with us 24/7 via the website emails (I openly request my patients, not to write essays but ask to be crisp and to the point) and that which would be dealt with in 24 hours.

We treat a wide variety of Urological conditions including:

Prostate problems
Bladder problems
Men’s Health concerns
Ladies incontinence
Kidney stones
Infertility issues
Vasectomy reversals


Bladder Problems

Lower abdominal pains in relation to urination
Soreness of the lower tummy
So-called Interstitial Cystitis
‘Can’t hold the water’
‘Can’t drive for long’
‘Using pads all day’ – expensive
Feel drowsy in the day time, because, never get a proper night’s sleep due to being in the toilet all night peeing
‘As soon as I drink something, it goes through’

Prostate problems​

Concerns regarding prostate cancer
Prostate enlargement
Prostatitis diagnosis
Blood in the semen
General MOT

Urinary tract infections – children and adults
Infertility issues
Kidney stones​

Men’s health concerns

Raised PSA
Relative diagnosed of prostate cancer
Erectile dysfunction
Tiredness and lethargy – ‘not like before’ – low testosterone
Perineal pains and aches
‘Sex life, not as good as before’

Loin Pan/Stone Disease

One-stop CT KUB assessment
Ureteroscopy and stone fragmentation
Ureteric stenting
Medical Management and holistic advice about prevention and recurrence of stones
Extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy [ESWL]

We can arrange the following;

Biopsies of the Prostate
Bladder Pressure Tests
Transperineal Prostate Biopsies
Imaging such as CT scans, Multiparametric MRI Prostate, Renogram tests and Bone scans

We could cater for those who needs formal pelvic floor exercises and continence nurse advise

Botox Injections

Botox injection treatments to the bladder are being performed for the overactive bladder problems; simple, quick and well-tolerated procedure under local anaesthetic. Mr Krishnan is well-versed with this local anaesthetic technique, in that it is a walk in walk out appointment.

Contact Helen for appointment or email  ​

For appointments please contact our admin team on 01623 377177